Welcome to the website of

The GRIM Society

In every society there are tales of the exceptional and the unexplained.
The GRIM Society seeks to find reasons behind these phenomenon,
to approach the occurrence from a scientific standpoint and to further the exploration
of the shadowy lands just beyond our reach. We achieve this goal through intensive data
collection and research, scientific experimentation and, most importantly, an open mind.

To learn more about The G.R.I.M. Society, please visit the About Us page.

We are currently based in Fort Pierce, Florida; however, we are willing and able to travel.


The GRIM Society does not have any upcoming events 

in Fort Pierce or on the Treasure Coast, as we have

relocated to central Florida. The event listing

on Treasurecoast dot com

is outdated by two years.

However, we are always willing to speak for 

local organizations or assist with fundraisers.


If you’d like to schedule a private 

“Shades of History” 

tour in Downtown Fort Pierce or

at the Old Fort Park, 

please email us to discuss your interest 

and we’ll see if we can help.

If you have questions regarding our team or our investigations or
if you would like us to investigate a location, please Contact Us .

If you are here to file a Battery Drain Incident report,
please fill out the form here.

The GRIM Society is currently seeking

locations with specific reports of paranormal activity

where repeated investigations and–in some instances–

experiments can be conducted.

In particular, we are seeking a location where a

generator can be run as part of a scientific experiment

in association with our battery drain research.

If you have access to or know of a location

which meets these criteria, please contact us.

We hope you enjoy your time on our website.