It is important to note that our group believes in the use of extensive site research, as well as the addition of outside experts as needed (for example, a structural engineer). We strive to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards when investigating a location. We have found that applying scientific methods to collected data often produces a mundane cause. With that in mind, we prefer to visit a single location multiple times, using each visit to expand upon the last. Information gathered during research and an investigation can be subjective, so we have developed a series of protocols in order to minimize the influences of outside factors on the evidence we collect.

Here is a list of those protocols.

Before an investigation, we will:

Compile complete and thorough research of the site’s history.

Keep an open mind and avoid preconceived notions of what might take place in the location.

Maintain a written record of any urban legends, ghost stories or incidents reported to take place at the location.

Obtain permission to enter the location from proper authority.

Scout the location during daylight hours, taking note of any items of concern that might affect the results of the investigation.

Clean and test all equipment, including camera lenses andaudio recording devices.

During an investigation, we will:

Respect personal property and follow the instructions of the property owner in regards to off-limits locations.

Show proper respect throughout the investigation; no ‘horsing around,’ running or playing.

Refrain from smoking, drinking or eating.

Wear clothing that will not interfere with investigation; pull back long hair to avoid it from being captured in images.

Bind camera straps or other items that might interfere with the collection of evidence.

Continually monitor the status of equipment; clear any camera lenses as needed, remove data from electronic devices as needed.

Keep an independent record by each investigator on site, complete with times and locations of entry to each room or zone.

Refrain from whispering or muttering. ‘Normal” voice levels will be used to avoid confusion on any audio recordings.

Always remain professional.

After an investigation, we will:

Compare investigation reports, audio and visual data and file with research.

Analyze all evidence collected from an objective point of view.

Make the results available for examination by others.

We will NEVER:

Discount known, scientific reasoning behind any evidence we collect. We will always go to the most plausible explanations first.

Alter or fabricate evidence.

Base conclusions on subjective evidence such as a personal experience. While we my discuss them with our clients, we do not consider them proof of anything other than a personal experience.