Battery Drain Research

After another investigation where we experienced the dreaded ‘battery drain’ phenomenon, we realized it was time to get a better understanding of what exactly was going on.

It was an especially troubling session- we went through 21 fresh batteries and had three separate cameras shut off, some of them doing so twice. When we left the investigation location, we used a volt meter on the ‘bad’ batteries and discovered that they all still carried a charge. Frustrated, we popped them into a camera and, after running a video camera for 30 minutes and taking an addition 50 still photographs, the batteries were still going strong.

Now, we’re not certain what might be causing this, but we were in a climate controlled location- which means that temperature fluctuations can be ruled out. So we decided to ask investigation teams from all over the world to share their battery drain experiences with us, to see if we can find a common thread to the events.

If you’d like to participate, you can do so by simply emailing us a record of your battery drain events as they happen.

We’ll be making the results public through a Google Docs spreadsheet once we have a sampling of events- we believe that the more people we have working on this, the better!

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