creepy clown

Balloons in the Night!

We spend a lot of time wandering back roads, out of the way places and remote locations just to see what we can see. Sometimes, it happens that we stumble across something that makes us think “Wow, that is weird!” or “Boy, I wonder what that is all about?” or “Geez, that is kind of creepy!”. Well, this weekend, we ran into something in the woods that caused all three thoughts to surface at once.

So picture this, driving a lonely dirt road far from towns, homes or even lights. It is dark-the kind of dark that headlights struggle to pierce. Music is playing as the group talks and laughs. Then something catches your eye floating over the road ahead. As you get closer, the image emerges from the dark and you realize the pail ghostly orbs are, in fact, balloons tied to a tree overhanging the road obviously design to attract attention from passersby.  The closest thing is a public area along the river with a reputation for drugs, unsolved murders and general mayhem.

I confess I was hesitant to stop the first time we passed them because it seemed like something a nefarious person may do to get people to stop along a deserted road. However, once we drove for a while and turned around, curiosity got the better of us and we had to at least take a look.

The balloons were tied to a branch at least 8’ high that hung out over the edge of the road. While stopped taking pictures, someone was on watch for rampaging clowns or a disgruntled circus performer. Well, and a machete wielding hockey enthusiast!

I am happy to report that we took our photos and continued with our adventure without incident. Now, I am aware that there may be any number of logical, reasonable explanation for the balloons. A party, a signal to aliens, bored locals or candid camera are all possible answers, but was it unexpected? Certainly! Was it creepy? A bit. Was it the makings of a good story? Absolutely! The whole way home, we wondered if they were an invitation to Jason Voorhees Birthday Bash or Uncle Billy Bob’s Redneck Clown Extravaganza. Either way, we all got a good laugh, cool photos and a little creepy video.

Here are the photos and video so we can share the experience with you!